Executive Succession Planning

Best practices in Human Resources lead to companies to use Executive Search firms to assess members of the top executive cadres, as they are better able to assess and appraise competencies in a structured manner and compare against best-in-class standards, due to specialized knowledge. Latin America Executive Search Consultants has unique capabilities to perform organizational analysis to detect high potential leadership talents, using our assessment tools to provide Board Members and Corporate Leaders an insight on the likelihood and actions to be taken to bring the management team to its next step.

To identify these talents within the organization and to lead them towards the top is the most important asset in a company, instilling a culture of best practices in organizational development. We help clients to recognize this, through our deep understanding of their organization and through our in-house assessment tools which when applied to their organization, we detect these leadership attributes within the executives assessed and exploit them so as to develop them into the new leaders of the next generation.

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