Life sciences

Despite the global economic downturn and regulatory environment, the life science and healthcare sector continues to grow. Increasing pressures and complexity throughout the sector has created significant challenges that make the acquisition, retention and management of the best talented resources to be critical for ongoing and future success of any organization.

Due to an aging global population, an upsurge in chronic diseases, and increasingly expensive therapies the demand for healthcare services is rising rapidly. Cost containment strategies implemented by payers, employers and governmental agencies challenge the traditional pharmaceutical company model. As the pipeline for small-molecule drugs slows, a rise in both generics and medical devices, along with a convergence of treatments administered by a combination of drugs and devices drives growth.

Biopharmaceutical companies are creating a number of high-margin sub-sectors and have targeted such expanding sectors as respiratory diseases and diabetes. Global markets have emerged to accommodate the surge in outsourcing of strategic functions such as research and manufacturing.

Life sciences companies must innovate and reach new markets while ensuring operational efficiency. These challenges are faced amid pricing pressure, decreasing reimbursement levels, and soaring R&D and marketing costs. Needs for experienced, creative leaders with broad-based operational skills, along with the ability to articulate and execute a strong vision are more in demand than ever.

Latin America Executive Search Consultants understands how convergence in the industry has shaped both the opportunities and challenges facing today’s life sciences companies. We have a successful record of helping build the leadership teams for some of the world’s preeminent life sciences companies in Latin America.

Our Life Sciences Practice is, in effect, a firm within a firm dedicated to providing high value executive search service to our clients. With a dedicated delivery team throughout Latin America, we partner extensively with a broad range of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, drug development and drug delivery companies ranging from global corporations to portfolio companies of venture capital firms. Typically, search assignments are for senior-level leaders including Chairman of the Board, Board Members, President/CEO, and heads of all functional disciplines with a particular focus on marketing and sales, research and development, business development, finance and technical operations/manufacturing.

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