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Our Advantages


Although we are confident that our process will produce high quality, tangible results, we offer an 18 month guarantee for executive positions that is unmatched. Our confidence in offering this guarantee is borne from our past success rate which exceeds 98%.

Legal Environment

We support our clients’ practices of providing equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in every aspect. We exert every effort to achieve employment of fully qualified individuals. Consequently, we conduct searches that are in accordance with equal employment and respectful treatment of all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, citizenship, veteran or military status, disability status of qualified individuals, sexual orientation or other protected attributes. Our judgment and assessment of candidates is based on record of accomplishment, ability to perform and personal fit with our client organizations.

Background Check

We verify education and comply with client requirements for all candidates presented.

Reference Check

We begin reference checks after mutual interest between client and candidate has been established; with candidate consent. All reference reports will be provided in time to facilitate client review prior to finalizing an offer. Candidate confidentiality is important to us and we therefore strongly encourage that reference checks be conducted only when mutual consent has occurred at the appropriate time in the recruitment process.

Client Relationships

We encourage clients to express candidly any sensitivity or considerations which might affect a search in order to facilitate understanding and realistic expectations, as well as the best opportunity for success.

Focus and Niche Specialization

As we are a specialized Executive Search firm, we are able to focus deeply in our target market and geographic sector, giving us a great competitive advantage and, at the same time, providing our clients thorough research and excellent results in a shorter period of time. Our international team is also designed for maximizing and understanding multi-culturalism within Latin America and around the globe.


Both client and candidate confidentiality is equally important to us. Thus, all information for our clients and our candidates is closely guarded and limited to those directly involved in the interview and selection process.


Normally, a search takes from 60 to 120 days to bring to conclusion. Unusual factors such as uniquely specialized skills will be factored into individual search timelines. We will make every effort to identify and introduce candidates in a timely manner that are consistent with your business objectives. Generally, the first candidate will be presented within two to three weeks of starting the search.
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