Board Services

At Latin America Executive Search Consultants we appreciate the fact that boards need outstanding business leaders. And the person who leads the board must be ethical and give the board the special attention and consideration it requires. Organizations reflect the values and behavior of their leaders regardless of how big or small the company is, and this is why it is so important that the board selection follows professional processes rather than just networking processes.

Factors such as the ever-expanding regulatory requirements introduce new pressure on boards. The workload grows as directors are assigned additional responsibilities such as serving on board committees like auditing and compensation, and consequently, many board members leave boards earlier than expected, making it sometimes difficult to recruit qualified candidates willing to do the job. When the search for talent comes to the boardroom, our experienced search team, through retained search, and following ethical guidelines and best practices in recruiting, work closely with the highest level of the organization, including the chairman and its board members, to find the directors whose leadership, ethics and integrity will strengthen the board and create a sustained competitive advantage.

One of the key contributors of the quality of leadership we attract is the ongoing attention to our client’s succession planning rather than simply intermittent executive searches sparked by executive turnover because the sharpest candidates will be looking for evidence of institutional self-knowledge about critical issues and the results of past decisions on alternative futures. Our board services include succession planning for the board members and making sure that the board has a checklist of all the important items that should be continuously considered, such as; adequate written job descriptions that clearly spell out the responsibilities of the chief executive and board members, effective processes for reviewing board member performance, salary, and benefits on a regular basis, constructive processes for assessing performance, reviews of the collective vision of how the organization should be evolving, assessments of institutional directions and goals and review of emergency management transition policies for the eventuality of a sudden departure of the chief executive.

At Latin America Executive Search Consultants, we believe board succession should be viewed strategically. The best search strategy should begin with institutional assessment and succession planning prior to the executive search. The first step in our executive search is not the search for the new executive itself, but the search for the future of the organization. We understand it is important to create very early in the process, a climate in which the new executive will succeed.

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