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Executive Assessment

Our comprehensive approach to executive assessment employs multiple methods to evaluate a team’s or individual ability to perform, fit, excel, and adapt to a rapidly ever-changing environment. Produce an enduring impact in a critical leadership role. Our vast client portfolio turns to us to assist them with, executive development, ensuring a cohesive team, uncover performance and training needs, and to assist in hiring and candidate selection.

Our assessments tools help to focus on different aspects of teamwork to develop a high functioning and cohesive team. We use several assessment tools like DISC Profile, Driving Forces, Motivator Profile, Emotional Quotient, Competencies, and Acumen Capacity. 

The Executive Team Leadership examines executive team leadership effectiveness from both organizational and behavioral perspectives. It examines both practices and behaviors and defines high-performance executive teaming and leadership behaviors. See below the highlights and outcomes.

  • Ensure there is a highly productive and collaborative cohesive team.
  • Team decisions are of high quality and aligned with goals; few unintended consequences resulting from unsustainable decisions.
  • Develop conflict resolution skill sets and building a more sustainable organization.
  • Paradoxical leadership behaviors are displayed, understood, and supported. Continuous decision-making improvement occurs.
  • Individual and Team behaviors are consistent with the goals of the companies and communicated throughout the organization.

Hiring and Selection, we offer a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and insights to inform selection. The finalist assessment provides a complete picture of candidates’ relevant business and functional expertise, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit, and capacity to grow and change with the job. We provide insight into

  • How an individual is likely to behave, make decisions, and function in the role.
  • Maps behaviors skill sets, communication, and problem-solving styles.
  • Identify potential risks or gaps that can have implications for long-term success in context of the organization and culture.
  • Increasing confidence in selection decisions.
  • Gauges his or her emotional drives, values, and leadership style and how it aligns with an organization’s culture.

Executive Assessment for Development, we assess individual leaders to provide the insight organizations need to make the smartest investments when developing next-generation leaders for key roles.  Our development-focused assessments provide

  • Objective and actionable information about individuals, to identify training and coaching needs.
  • Build and sustain the talent pipeline for key roles.
  • Gain insights on roles, industries, and cultural impact.
  • Team effectiveness and develop onboarding plans.

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