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Leadership: Vision, Values and Strategy

A leader´s job is to achieve the transformation of the organization, for which they must possess a strong vision, values and strategies.

During difficult times a leader´s job becomes crucial and having a vision that provides support is key to overcome the toughness of a crisis. A Harvard Business Review article about the Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership shows that the leaders whose visions were most compelling and enduring, involved a group perspective to create it. “…The leader started with a sincere concern for a group of people, and as they held those people and their concerns, a vision emerged. They then held people through the change it took to realize that vision, together. Their vision may be how we remember leaders because it can hold us captive. But it is their hold that truly sets us free”.

Having a vision statement that you can live by can make the difference between gaining and losing in the business world; nonetheless, this always takes into account the people of the organization. Simon Sinek, the author of Leaders Eat Last, says “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”. That’s why in order to win in the leadership game values are so important.

Values are the ones that determine our decision, based on our moral and believes. For the leaders in charge of an organization, communication to protect the company´s values is task number one, since the values will determine the culture, and this comes before thinking of having a killer strategy. As Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. In this Forbes ´article the author clearly explains the power of values in leadership, and how important it is to align your personal values with the company values.

Regarding the knowledge that the leader must possess to carry out the transformation of his company, Dr. Deming, an American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant, proposes the adoption and implementation of 14 points for management. The 14 points are used for any type of organization, large or small of products and services.Therefore, in order to create a great strategy for the company, one must work with the team and create and implement it. The theory and knowledge in the mind is not enough, convincing and changing the minds of  people might be needed to make it happen.

The necessary transformation of the management style of companies requires managers to adopt and implement the leadership.

The idea that competition is a necessary way of life should be discarded. Instead of competition, we need cooperation.

The company’s transformation can only be carried out by man, not by machines and appliances; a company cannot buy the way to quality; it must make its own way with the cooperation of all its areas, its departments, and its management and operational personnel, with a consistent effort.

A fully integrated team means an organizational environment where everyone, from the lowest levels to those of managers, understand that they are in the same team and act according to that conviction, working together to constantly increase the satisfaction of their clients.

It means believing in people; treat all members of the organization with respect, trust and dignity; ensure that all those related to the company (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community) always win no matter the circumstances.

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